If you think that gynecomastia only occurs with weight gain, you are mistaken. There are several reasons that lead to gynecomastia, and it can cause a lot of embarrassment as it affects one's overall appearance. But don't worry, at Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban's Aesthetic Clinic - the best plastic surgeon in Egypt - we offer a solution to this problem through a high-definition chest tightening procedure.

So in this article, we will talk about the high-definition chest tightening procedure in the best aesthetic clinic in the Arab world by the best plastic surgeon in the Arab world, Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban. So stay with us to read this article.


High-Definition Chest Lift Procedure

The high-definition chest lift procedure is a surgical procedure aimed at removing accumulated fat in the chest, which causes gynecomastia, while also tightening the skin to prevent sagging, resulting in a better shape.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban - the best plastic surgeon in Egypt - says that the cause of gynecomastia is not just weight gain; there are several other reasons, including:

  1. Taking certain medications such as steroids and medications that work by inhibiting the androgen hormone.

  2. Some medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism or hypogonadism.

  3. Aging.

Before the High-Definition Chest Tightening Procedure

Before the procedure, Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban, who is among the best plastic surgeons in Egypt, conducts various tests and examinations to determine the amount of fat and the degree of sagging experienced by the individual. This is done using the latest imaging techniques available at Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban's Aesthetic Clinic, which is among the best aesthetic clinic in the Arab world.

How Chest Tightening is Done for Men

Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban performs the high-definition chest lift procedure by:

  1. Administering local or general anesthesia to the patient, depending on the patient's condition.

  2. Starting with fat melting, the doctor uses the latest devices available in the field of plastic surgery, such as the Vaser device, which works to melt fat more effectively than traditional methods.

  3. Suctioning out the melted fat.

  4. After fat suction, the doctor works on sculpting the muscles, removing any enlarged breast tissue and sculpting the muscles. The doctor may also reposition the nipple to its correct position after sculpting the muscle.

  5. The doctor tightens the sagging skin. The method used by the doctor depends on the degree of sagging. The doctor may use thread chest tightening, and if thread chest tightening is not suitable, the doctor may resort to laser chest tightening.

  6. The surgeon closes the surgical incisions with plastic threads to ensure no scars are left.

The high-definition chest tightening procedure involves many precise steps that require significant expertise from the doctor. Therefore, it is recommended to have this procedure performed at the best aesthetic clinic by the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban.

Tips After the High-Definition Chest Tightening Procedure

Dr. Mohamed El Ghalban provides several tips to the patient after the procedure, including:

  1. Adhering to taking the prescribed medications.

  2. Quitting smoking.

  3. Avoiding strenuous and vigorous activities until cleared by the doctor.

  4. Wearing a compression garment for the recommended duration.

  5. Resting to expedite the recovery process.


So if you want to get rid of gynecomastia and sagging chest problems, you can contact our highly qualified medical team through WhatsApp messages or the "Contact Us" service on our website, and they will respond to you as soon as possible, providing you with all the details about the procedure.